"Watch Me Commit My First Crime" — Woman Tries Shopping at a Closed Dollar General

A woman accidentally broke into a Dollar General store after it was supposed to have closed for the evening and she called the police on herself.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 8 2023, Published 11:50 a.m. ET

Sometimes, the dollar store, particularly Dollar General, is your one stop shop for all of your snacks and random late night needs like closeout specials on Fourth of July decorations. And for one woman on TikTok, @sandravasqz, whose name is Sandra Gacita, the snacks are what brought her into the store in the later hours of one evening.

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Except, unbeknownst to Sandra, the Dollar General was closed. And in entering the store, even though the front door was unlocked, Sandra illegally entered Dollar General. At least, that's how she puts it in her video, where she details accidentally "breaking into" Dollar General when she tried to grab some chips for her daughter and other odds and ends, as one does when they stop at the dollar store. Naturally, Sandra called 9-1-1 on herself.

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A woman accidentally broke into Dollar General when she thought it was still open.

Sandra starts off her TikTok by declaring with a voiceover, "Watch me commit my first crime." She then explains how she "broke into the Dollar General." But the story is much more innocent than someone actually trying to get free Takis and makeup at 9 p.m. on a weeknight.

Sandra explains that she didn't realize the time the location closed, which was earlier than when she arrived. But, because the front door was open, she didn't think to check if there was a posted schedule on the door.

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Source: TikTok | @sandravasqz

"It was 9:45, I assumed [Dollar General] closed at 10," Sandra says in the video. "I walked right in the door. I started shopping and on my Snapchat, I started putting stories, saying, 'wow, it's really dark in here.'"

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She then adds a shot of her shopping in the dimly lit Dollar General and in the clip, she jokes that she hopes she "doesn't get killed over some Takis" for her daughter. She doesn't, but she does realize that the store is very much closed.

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It isn't until Sandra reaches the register and sets her items down on the counter that the alarm goes off. And Sandra, as shook as any of us would be in that situation, immediately leaves the store and calls 9-1-1 to explain the situation. Apparently, the last employee left the store and forgot to lock up and set the door alarm.

"I stayed until [the cops] got here, 'cause I wanted to let them know that I wasn't a criminal," Sandra adds at the end of the TikTok. Her night definitely didn't go according to plan.

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Other users agree that it's the Dollar General employee's fault.

In the end, Sandra didn't get her daughter's Takis from Dollar General, but she learned a valuable lesson in checking the time a store closes before you venture out. She notes in the video that she now knows Dollar General closes at 9 p.m. But a lot of the comments under the TikTok are in agreement that Sandra's Dollar General debacle has everything to do with the store's employees.

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"Yeah them DG employees are always everywhere but the register so I understand why you just walked in, [I] would have too," one comment said under the video.

Another user commented, "So they didn't lock the doors, it's not your fault."

In a follow-up video, Sandra says that when she explained the situation to the police, they laughed with her and it all smoothed over pretty quickly. And yes, she eventually got her daughter those Takis, just not at Dollar General. She bough Takis at a gas station that was open.

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