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Source: twitter

A Woman Bleached Her Hair Live Online and It Started Falling Out in Chunks


A woman who used a combination of hair relaxer and bleach during a live stream learned the hard way that manipulating one's hair is probably a feat best left to professionals.

Personally, it took me years to find someone who actually gave me a haircut that I liked. Now I don't go to anyone else. Before that, I would just jump from barber to stylist in the hopes of finding something that looked halfway decent.

I got close to the "halfway" part a few times, but never decent. And it's not like I was doing anything crazy with my hair: I just need a short cut that looked presentable. I can only imagine the struggle I would have been in for if I wanted to do anything fancier with my hair like getting it colored and styled à la Ninja from Fortnite fame. As it turns out, coloring hair and forcing it to fit all sorts of shapes and styles can be super harmful to one's follicular health.

If not done properly, bad dye jobs can dry out your hair or make it brittle and fall out. And as gnarly as that sounds like it could be, it's got nothing on what hair relaxers do to one's hair.

Human hair runs the gamut in terms of color, shape, texture, and volume, meaning that some styles are naturally unattainable with a certain kind of hair. My wife, who's from Northern Africa, has naturally thick and curly hair.