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A Woman Bleached Her Hair Live Online and It Started Falling Out in Chunks



A woman who used a combination of hair relaxer and bleach during a live stream learned the hard way that manipulating one's hair is probably a feat best left to professionals.

Personally, it took me years to find someone who actually gave me a haircut that I liked. Now I don't go to anyone else. Before that, I would just jump from barber to stylist in the hopes of finding something that looked halfway decent.

I got close to the "halfway" part a few times, but never decent. And it's not like I was doing anything crazy with my hair: I just need a short cut that looked presentable. I can only imagine the struggle I would have been in for if I wanted to do anything fancier with my hair like getting it colored and styled à la Ninja from Fortnite fame. As it turns out, coloring hair and forcing it to fit all sorts of shapes and styles can be super harmful to one's follicular health.

If not done properly, bad dye jobs can dry out your hair or make it brittle and fall out. And as gnarly as that sounds like it could be, it's got nothing on what hair relaxers do to one's hair.

Human hair runs the gamut in terms of color, shape, texture, and volume, meaning that some styles are naturally unattainable with a certain kind of hair. My wife, who's from Northern Africa, has naturally thick and curly hair.

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If she wants pin-straight, easy-to-ponytail-hair, she's going to need to get some keratin treatments and spend a few hours in a chair. She's also very wary of doing anything overly complicated with her 'do. Sure she'll braid it and wash it, but some of the "fancier" stuff she'll stay away from completely.

Especially something as delicate as a hair relaxer treatment.

My mother-in-law had a family friend do one of these treatments for her who left the stuff in a little too long. Her hair started coming out in clumps a week before we were going to a wedding. Not ideal.

So when Lori Faith combined both a bleach dye job and relaxing treatment to give herself a slicked-blonde look, it ended up costing her her hair. The worst part is that it all happened during a live stream.

You can see how horrified she is in the video above, with comments rolling in real time. It's generally recommended for one to only bleach their hair two weeks after relaxing it. This gives your follicles some time to get back the moisture that was lost in the original relaxation process and protect it from any further damage additional chemical exposure will cause.

Although people shared in the horror that Lori felt when her hair started coming out with each swipe of the comb, many just shook their heads in disbelief that she'd actually bleach her hair so soon after relaxing it.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

When I showed this video to my wife she recoiled in horror and pretty much echoed the sentiments of everyone else on Twitter: "Why in the world would you bleach your hair after relaxing it?!" She said. So if any of you are wondering whether or not you could get away with relaxing and bleaching your hair in the same day or same week, even, I'd say you have you answer right here.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Lori ultimately ended up going bald from her foray into self-hair-beautification, and she even uploaded a YouTube video online to share in her experience. Hopefully others will learn from her mistakes.

Source: twitter

And if not, well, here's hoping they upload their own videos to social media so the rest of us can recoil in horror at their folly.

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