Inspired by Beyoncé, This Girl Is Making Flower-Vase Hair a Thing


Sep. 11 2018, Updated 1:42 p.m. ET

New York Fashion Week brings a wave of new styles as people prepare to kiss their summer selves goodbye and embrace new Fall/Winter trends. This year, one trend that's on everybody's lips didn't start on the runway. Rather, it began (where else) on social media.

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Earlier this month, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Taylor R (@iamtay_tay) shared a Beyoncé-inspired floral hairstyle she's been rocking, which draws from the superstar's Tyler Mitchell-shot September Vogue cover. "We all can’t wear gardens on our head because we’re not Beyoncé so wear the more practical version now... #FlowerVaseHair is here, create yours," Taylor captioned a video she shared on Twitter.

If you're bored of your everyday ponytail, or want to add some glamorous touches to your usual updo, #FlowerVaseHair might be the trend your locks never knew they needed. 

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Taylor's video tutorial begins with inspiration shots of Beyoncé and Rihanna donning fabulous floral headpieces. Like, it seriously looks like they're rocking full botanical gardens on their heads.

Then, it shows Taylor thinking, "Hmmm... How can I make this a little smaller, sculpted & more practical?"

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Enter #FlowerVaseHair, this fall's latest hair trend that's sweeping social media up by storm. Easily achievable in eight simple steps, girls around the world are living for this hair look and sharing their styles on Twitter and Instagram.

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So, how do you style #FlowerVaseHair?

According to Taylor's tutorial, sporting #FlowerVaseHair isn't as difficult as it looks. All you need is long hair, a hairbrush, a water bottle, flowers, and three hair ties (two small ones and one large elastic).

First, you'll separate your hair into two halves and brush it out. Then, you place a water bottle on top of your head and camouflage it with your hair to cover the plastic base. Tie a small elastic at the top of the bottle, a big elastic at the bottom (where the bottle meets the crown of your head), and tie your last one in the middle.

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The last three steps are where you'll want to get more gingerly, as these will affect the overall neatness and presentation of your floral hair look. 

Smooth your bottle-hiding updo with a brush or thin comb, then place the ends of your hair inside the hole at the top of the bottle. Next, add whatever plants of flowers you'd like, and tada: #FlowerVaseHair!

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After Taylor's floral hair inspiration went viral, women and girls all around the world chimed in to share their creations.

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"Decided to finally embrace myself and put my hair like fashion icon @iamtay_tay. Truly an excellent hairstyle for September. And spring too, I guess," Eri Shark captioned the photo above before adding, "Learning from the best!!! Asdf I wish I had a smaller bottle so I could have shaped my hair in a decent way but oh well."

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"This look was inspired by @taytay_xx 💐❤🌹 #flowervasehair #septemberfashion" is how this girl captioned her hair look. 

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But who says girls are the only ones entitled to the fun? Shiki Shi-Kries Sarn proved the glamor is non-binary in the picture he shared above of his cascading floral mane. "Dont mind me I just wanted to try #flowervasehair from @taytay_xx newest video!🌱🌹🌼It was actually a challenge cause I don't have much to work with, I couldn't shove the ends in the hole😂,my hair is shaved all around leaving just the top so that one lady has no excuse haha enjoy the silly," he captioned his gram.

Some Instagrammers, like this one, are getting over-the-top creative and dazzling their mesmerizing updos with braids.

How will you rock #FlowerVaseHair this season? To quote its creator, Taylor R, "get it or be ugly this fall."

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