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Source: twitter

Inspired by Beyoncé, This Girl Is Making Flower-Vase Hair a Thing

By Pippa Raga

New York Fashion Week brings a wave of new styles as people prepare to kiss their summer selves goodbye and embrace new Fall/Winter trends. This year, one trend that's on everybody's lips didn't start on the runway. Rather, it began (where else) on social media.

Earlier this month, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Taylor R (@iamtay_tay) shared a Beyoncé-inspired floral hairstyle she's been rocking, which draws from the superstar's Tyler Mitchell-shot September Vogue cover. "We all can’t wear gardens on our head because we’re not Beyoncé so wear the more practical version now... #FlowerVaseHair is here, create yours," Taylor captioned a video she shared on Twitter.

If you're bored of your everyday ponytail, or want to add some glamorous touches to your usual updo, #FlowerVaseHair might be the trend your locks never knew they needed.