A Woman Calls the Police on Her Boyfriend’s Older Sister for Taking Her Car

A woman's boyfriend’s older sister took her car against her wishes, and the following events escalated to an unprecedented level.

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May 11 2023, Updated 1:37 p.m. ET

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Buckle up because this story is a wild ride. It’s no secret the AmItheA--hole ("AITA") SubReddit thread is full of outlandish anecdotes left up to the court of public opinion to decide who is in the right (or in the wrong). However, u/SafePurple2911 may have just taken the cake.

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In her post, the user explains a situation wherein her boyfriend’s older sister took her car against her wishes, and the following events escalated to an unprecedented level. So much so, the police even got involved. Curious to know what went down? Here’s what happened.

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A woman’s boyfriend’s older sister asked to borrow her car after they had just met.

The Reddit user explained that she and her boyfriend had been in a long-distance relationship for several years. However, she recently moved in with him and his dad so they could be closer together.

At the time, the woman needed to sell her old car and purchase a new one — and her boyfriend helped her cover the down payment. But it is important to note that she has since paid him back.

Recently, she met her boyfriend’s sister for the first time when she visited from out of state. After the meeting, while the Reddit user and her partner ran errands, the older sister called and asked to borrow her brother’s girlfriend’s car. She declined because she felt uncomfortable with the situation.

But what happened next shocked her and her boyfriend.

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The older sister took her brother’s girlfriend’s car against her will.

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When the couple arrived home, they realized that the Reddit user’s car was missing. Her boyfriend’s father then revealed that he had given his daughter the spare key because she was entitled to it.

He said that because his son had contributed money to the car’s down payment, he and his sister had partial ownership.

However, the Reddit user noted that was simply untrue. “My name is the only one on the title, insurance, etc., as I am the SOLE owner,” she explained in the thread.

The woman’s boyfriend then told his dad to call his sister, and she said she’d be home soon. However, after two hours passed, the car’s owner took matters into her own hands.

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The woman called the police on her boyfriend’s older sister for stealing her car.

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In the thread, the woman explained that she called the police and reported her car stolen because she felt she had no other option. "I was worried that if it got damaged or something, then I would be forced to pay the repairs even though it wasn't my fault," she explained.

And the boyfriend's older sister and father couldn't withhold their anger. They accused their son's girlfriend of trying to get them arrested and demanded that she tell the police the situation was a "misunderstanding."

However, she felt she did nothing wrong and that they were trying to take advantage of her. The woman mentioned that her boyfriend also thought his family was in the wrong but that she took it too far by calling the police. So, who is at fault? That's on the reader to decide for themselves.

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