“Was That Protocol?” — Woman Shares Creepy Cop Encounter She Had Driving Late at Night

Being pulled over by a cop is never anyone’s idea of a good time. However, the protocol is usually straightforward — until it isn’t.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 7 2023, Published 1:43 p.m. ET

TikTok creator @alyssacardib shares creepy cop encounter story
Source: TikTok/@alyssacardib

Being pulled over by a cop is never anyone’s idea of a good time.

However, the protocol is usually straightforward — until it isn’t. In a shocking video, TikTok creator @alyssacardib (Alyssa) opened up about a recent experience driving with her friend in a rural area late at night.

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While neither individual had broken any rules of the road, the so-called police officer demanded that Alyssa get inside his vehicle while he ran a background check. And after she repeatedly declined the request due to feeling uncomfortable, the situation took a dark turn.

Here’s what went down.

TikTok creator @alyssacardib shares creepy cop encounter story
Source: TikTok/@alyssacardib
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A woman got candid about a creepy cop encounter she had when driving at night.

In her viral video, Alyssa told a horrifying story about when she and her friend drove from her hometown to her university. The creator prefaced that they had taken separate cars, and she was following her friend on a rural road late at night.

She explained that she saw her friend turn his blinker on and move into the left lane. Meanwhile, a cop car appeared behind her, and she thought he would pull her over.

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Instead, the officer passed Alyssa’s car and had her friend pull over on the side of the road. Because the creator and her friend were traveling together, she parked her vehicle nearby to wait for him.

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However, the cop drove over to Alyssa, got out, and asked her if she knew why he pulled her over.

“I said, ‘Sir, you didn’t pull me over; you pulled my friend over,’” the creator said. “‘The only reason I stopped is because I am with him and am waiting for him.’”

The cop insisted that he pulled Alyssa over, which she knew wasn’t true. He then demanded that she step out of the vehicle, and once she did, he told her that she needed to get into his car for “safety reasons.”

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The creator explained that she felt more comfortable waiting outside with her friend, and the officer continued trying to coerce her into his vehicle.

And the situation became infinitely creepier when the cop “checked” her documentation.

The cop placed the woman’s driver’s license in a bizarre location.

TikTok creator @alyssacardib shares creepy cop encounter story and users comment on her video
Source: TikTok/@alyssacardib

After checking Alyssa and her friend’s documentation, the cop restated that she should have gotten into his car with him. He then gave both individuals a warning (for no reason), but the strange encounter didn’t end there.

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When he handed them back their documents, Alyssa noticed that the officer didn’t return her driver’s license. And when she inquired about it, he insisted that he had given it back.

After reiterating that he hadn’t returned it, the creator said the cop became increasingly flustered and started patting his body. According to Alyssa, he proceeded to reach into the front of his pants (where his crotch was) and pulled out her driver’s license.

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“Why the f--- was my driver’s license in this man’s pants?” the creator wondered. Luckily, the man let Alyssa and her friend go, but she couldn’t help but wonder if that was typical police protocol.

“Definitely does not seem like a real cop,” one user commented. “This is insane.” Another shared a helpful tip for others in the event they find themselves in a similar situation: "If you ever suspect someone pulling you over is not a real cop, you can call 9-1-1 to confirm."

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