Woman Discovers Secret Savings Account Tied to Her Social Security Number

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Published 3:42 p.m. ET

Creator @steffi.from.tiktok shares story about discovering secret bank account tied to her social security number
Source: TikTok/@steffi.from.tiktok

Discovering a secret bank account is typically not on anyone’s life bingo card. However, one TikTok creator shared an astonishing story wherein she stumbled across a secret bank account tied to her social security number.

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In her viral video, Steffi (@steffi.from.tiktok) outlined the shocking saga, beginning with, “I could potentially be a millionaire and not even know.” Here’s everything that went down.

Users comment about a woman finding a secret bank account tied to her SSN
Source: TikTok/@steffi.from.tiktok
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A woman discovered a secret bank account in her name.

In Steffi's first video, she said that her father received a letter addressed to her from an investment company that she had never heard of.

When Steffi told her father that she didn’t recall opening an account with said company, he said he might have set up a savings account for her years ago and completely forgot about it.

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At first, Steffi brushed the occurrence off as a phishing scam, but when she searched for the the company on Google and contacted customer service, she realized it was legit.

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After sharing her social security number, the woman she spoke to revealed that her father had an account with the company and that Steffi’s social security number was attached.

However, the customer service representative told the creator that if she wanted more information about the account, she and her father would need to go to one of their credit unions together with their identification and social security cards.

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But there was one issue: Steffi lived two hours away from her parents. And when she asked the employee if the drive would be worth it, her answer was incredibly telling.

The customer service representative insinuated that the secret bank account contained a large sum.

While the customer service representative wasn't able to tell Steffi how much money the account contained over the phone, her response hinted that there was a significant amount.

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“It appears your dad was trying to take care of you,” the creator recalled the woman saying. And when Steffi asked if the sum warranted the two-hour drive, the employee was quite frank. “Well, yes. I think you absolutely should,” she said.

“What I will tell you, from what I can see here, your father loves you very much.”

In the comment section, a former bank teller pointed out that her reaction likely hinted at an unprecedented amount of money. “That’s code for LOTS of money,” they wrote. “Although subjective to the teller what lots of money is.”

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The secret bank account situation took an unexpected turn.

Things got weird after Steffi filled her father in on the bank account situation. While they were supposed to go to the credit union together to get everything sorted out, her father called her and said he went alone and had everything under control.

The odd part?

He “visited” the credit union on a federal holiday (when it was closed).

Then, when Steffi questioned her father about why her social security number was tied to the account, he vehemently denied the allegation. Her father said it was his savings account and that the bank was lying about her social being involved.

To add fuel to the fire, Steffi’s father requested that she rip up the letter she received from the investment company and forget the whole situation ever happened. The creator’s take? “My dad’s clearly hiding something.”

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