"Majorly Humbled Today" — Woman Doesn't Know How to Open Gas Tank or Choose Gas

A woman tries to get gas on her own, and she struggles to figure out how to open the gas tank and which kind of gas to actually use.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 15 2023, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

There are some things I prefer not to do if my husband is around, like pushing the shopping cart, getting my kid out of her car seat, and yeah, OK, pumping my own gas. I do all of those things enough, so when he's around, I defer those responsibilities. And one woman on TikTok, @Cadyeds, whose name is Catherine, seems to get that better than most. Because in a recent video, she shared that she doesn't know how to open her gas tank because her husband usually fills her car with gas when needed.

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I understand her dilemma to an extent. But if my car needs to be refueled, I have no issue filling it up myself instead of waiting for my husband to take care of it on his own time. In the video, Catherine explains that she has found herself in a sticky situation — not only is she not used to filling up her tank, but she can't even figure out how to open the fuel door to her gas tank.

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A woman shared in a TikTok that she doesn't know how to open her gas tank.

Catherine starts her TikTok video off by sharing a text on the screen that says she was "majorly humbled today." She then explains that she looked around her car for a button to open her gas tank so she could get gas, but she can't find any lever or button to pull or press to access her fuel cap.

As someone who has a fuel door that you simply push on to open it, I understand her confusion. And she has a pretty upbeat attitude about it, too.

"Major first world problem right now," Catherine says in the TikTok. "I do not pump my own gas and I cannot tell you how to open my gas tank right now. But I am, like, I will not make it home."

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She then points out the buttons near her front driver's side door for the trunk and hood of her car, but nothing that indicates how to access her gas tank to fill it up. But it doesn't take her long to figure it out once she realizes there is, in fact, no button.

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Catherine gets out of the car and decides to "just press it" and when she presses on the fuel door, it opens. I mean, it's the small victories for me. And although Catherine may still opt to have her husband fill up her tank in the future, at least she now knows a little more about her car.

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She also put the wrong kind of gas in her car, apparently.

Once Catherine figures out how to open her gas tank, she realizes that she doesn't quite know which kind of gas to put in it to make it the most fuel-efficient. She eventually chooses a simple unleaded gasoline. However, as a few people in the comments under the TikTok tell her, the Audi Q6 she's driving actually requires premium gas.

Another comment, however, commended Catherine for learning something new: "I love the learning experience, we all start somewhere. Yesterday I changed my windshield wipers for the first time!" And you have to hand it to Catherine for never giving up in the face of car-related adversity.

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And for what it's worth, others have had the same issue as Catherine involving opening the gas tank door.

"The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago," someone wrote under the TikTok video. "Not me panicking, calling my husband, sweating, asking how to open the tank."

For Catherine, this may very well be the start of something new in the form of understanding her car better.

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