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Source: world wide leaks | youtube

Woman Tries to Eat a Live Octopus, So It Fights Back


A vlogger was caught by surprise on camera and left with a nasty cut after attempting to eat an octopus while it was still alive.

Delving into a discussion over the ethics of eating animals at all is a surefire way to rustle people's jimmies, but I'd argue that even those who aren't vegans or vegetarians would find something wrong with chowing down on a creature while it's still alive.

Like a good friend of mine would always say, "I believe that animals should have great lives and one really bad day." Sure, some may think this is an arrogantly "human" way of looking at things, but for the most part I agree with it. We're all doomed to die one day, but we deserve to have as much fun and happiness before we kick the bucket as possible. Why can't the same be said for the animals we eat?