Woman Says She Was Fired on First Day of Her Job Due to Rare Arkansas Snowstorm

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Feb. 1 2024, Published 8:54 a.m. ET

Woman Fired From First Day of Work During Snow Storm
Source: TikTok | @DamitaJoMama

A woman who secured a new position at an ambulance company relayed how she was fired from the company on her first day of work after arriving to her inaugural shift an hour late.

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The reason for her tardiness? A snow storm, However, Damita (@swagger_wagon) argues that her lateness wasn't her fault due to a snowstorm that left the streets in her Arkansas town, including the roads leading to her new place of employment, covered in icy white powder.

The TikToker argues that she tried her best to make it there on time, but that she has never driven in the snow before, and that counties in Arkansas aren't readily equipped with the infrastructure or mobilization practices to clear the streets and allow for safer driving.

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She detailed her experience in a viral TikTok that's accrued over 938,000 views on the widely-used video sharing social media application.

Source: TikTok | @swagger_waggon
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Damita opens her clip by stating that she was fired on her "first day of work" at a new job at an ambulance company, which she doesn't name in her video presumably for legal purposes.

She said that she decided to leave her current ambulance company to work for the new business because they paid more money and almost immediately after securing the new position, the area she was working in experienced a snow storm...on her initial orientation day.

Getting snow in Arkansas is rather unusual, and she says despite the fact that everything pretty much shuts down in the region whenever there's snowfall, she decided not to call out of work and drove her mother's SUV into work that day instead of vehicle, because she knew her mom's car would be better in the snow.

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"I have never had to drive in snow before cause every job I've had previous to this I've always been off when it snowed. So I'm headed to work, I'm taking the main streets instead of getting on the freeway because I didn't know what the freeway was like, and where I live is kind of where the city starts meeting like the rural area so there are a lot of hills, there's free, there's forests so there's deer running back and forth, there's animals running around," she says.

Due to the snow storm, Damita says that she was about an hour late to work, but thought that due to the weather issues and the fact she lived so far from her new vocation she would be able to explain to her new employer that she would be better prepared for the next time a snow storm came around.

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"So I'm like I'mm take the city streets you know and not try to get on the freeway cause I don't want to be stuck on the freeway and it's not clear like, I'm terrified. So long story short I get there almost an hour late, but I'm thinking like okay I'm gonna be apologetic I'm gonna let them know like I live in this city it's kind of far I've never had to drive in the snow before, it took me longer than usual, but now that I know, I could prepare better."

Damita says that her new manager didn't seem to care about the snow situation: "She let's me in she's like you're late. And I'm like well yeah I live in the city you know, blah, blah, blah, blah same thing I just told you. She's like, well the roads from this city to here are clear so and the city she's talking about is like right past where I live so maybe like a five minutes further than where I'm from."

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"And she's basically saying like you know if we can get here why couldn't you get here. And I'm like well you know what's fine and dandy but baby I'm not used to driving in the snow I got here as quick as I could, I risked my daggone life getting here for this job, like, so, she calls this other woman into her office..."

Damita goes on to say that the woman ranted on how she didn't feel like going over the orientation again and that employee uniforms were already handed out to, so she didn't feel like onboarding Damita for the job.

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Source: Twitter | @tojoski

"And I'm just like, are you f----- serious like it's snowing b--- like two to three inches of snow...on the street because Arkansas don't got snow plos and salting and all of that s---- so we're literally driving on streets with snow on them."

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Her video then transitions to a photograph of a street covered in snow, she points to it as part of a green-screen segment in her TikTok, stating that this was the road that went back to her home on that fateful day.

"Oh and another thing, she tried to call me a liar because she was like well why didn't you call and I was like well I didn't have a number to call because the email that y'all sent me didn't have no d--- phone number. She was like every email that we sent had a phone number on it. And I went when I got back in the car I went and looked and not one of them d--- emails had a d--- phone number on it."

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"Then she was like we was trying to call you all last week and didn't get an answer. First of all, yes, I saw that you called me, but I was working my previous job I can't just answer the phone while I'm at work. And I ever tried calling the number back a couple of times and they either didn't answer or one time somebody picked up and then hung up so I'm thinking okay, these are spam callers like spamming me so no I'm not about to answer it no more."

She ended her video by stating: "So long story short f--- that job and hopefully I can get my old job back."

The comments section of her video must've erupted into a heated debate or contained some responses that Damita wasn't a fan of because, as of this writing, it appears that comments for the clip have been temporarily deleted.

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