Woman Makes Insensitive Joke About Her Friend's Pregnancy, Internet Responds

A woman joked to her pregnant friend about terminating her pregnancy and it didn't go over well. She explains why she thought the joke was OK.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jul. 19 2023, Published 9:52 a.m. ET

A pregnant woman shows friend her ultrasound photos
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There’s a time for jokes and there’s a time to be serious and it seems that this woman mixed up the two. One woman took to Reddit's infamous AITA community to share how a joke she made about her friend’s pregnancy really backfired. She shares her side of the story and why she thought her friend would find the joke funny, but Reddit had zero sympathy for her.

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How bad could the joke have been? Well, it touches on an already controversial issue in the U.S. — abortion. Not to mention this friend had been trying for a baby for years.

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Woman makes cruel joke about abortion to her pregnant friend.

In a post titled “AITA for making a joke when my friend told me she was pregnant?” user u/Suspicious-Hair8165 told us all about her insensitive joke that seemingly led to the demise of a friendship.

She refers to her friend as Alice, who is 32 years old. The OP, who is 29 years old, writes that Alice and her husband had been trying for a baby for three years.

The OP notes that she doesn’t have any children. It’s unclear if she never wants children or if she just wants them later in life.

That aside, she shares a few details about her friendship with Alice. She says they previously would joke about how things would change if Alice became a mom while OP remained childless.

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Alice told OP that she’ll miss all the disposable income and compared OP’s dog to a human kid. “Neither of us got offended with this joking and it was all in good fun.”

But then Alice got pregnant.

While out to lunch with OP, and a few of their other friends, Alice broke the news that she was three months pregnant.

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OP writes: I jokingly said, “I’m so sorry. Let me know if you need a ride to the clinic.” Alice flipped out and called me an insensitive b----. I told her that I was joking but she wouldn’t hear it and she ended up leaving. She hasn’t responded to my texts and calls ever since."

OP writes that their other friends at the lunch are staying out of it.

She continues: "I understand that my comment would come off as rude if I said it to a stranger, but Alice knows me and this is how we joke with each other. AITA?”

Well, OP asked and Reddit answered. Every response told OP she was wrong.

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A commenter saying that the joke was in bad taste
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Users told her she wasn't a good friend and chided her for not being able to stay serious when her friend shared an exciting life update. Overall, most users didn't approve of the joke.

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A commenter saying that the joke was insensitive
Source: Reddit

"This joke was insensitive considering she may be petrified about miscarrying after trying for so long," wrote one Redditor, urging OP to apologize to her friend.

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A commenter saying that the OP crossed the line with her joke
Source: Reddit

Another user explained how maybe a joke along the lines of "well there goes your vacation in Paris" could be forgiven, but a joke about taking her to an abortion clinic was "tasteless."

The user also added: "I could make a 'joke' about you saving money on a shower gift since you have probably lost a friend, but that would be rude too."

The Reddit post has since been locked "due to an excess of rule violations" as it appears that people in the comment section got too heated in their responses.

That said, we hope the OP got the message loud and clear that she went overboard with her joke and can now work on trying to make right by Alice.

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