"I Would Never Sell Her" — Woman Reveals Someone Offered Her $200,000 for Her Dog

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Dec. 19 2023, Updated 4:58 p.m. ET

TikToker @itsalexiselliott revealed that someone offered her $200,000 for her dog.
Source: TikTok / @itsalexiselliott

In my world, my dog isn't just a pet; she's my little bundle of joy. This tiny ball of sunshine is not only my source of boundless happiness but also my baby. I'd gladly go to the ends of the Earth to make her tail wag! Without her, I'd probably collapse to the floor with no chance of a graceful recovery.

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And guess what? I'm not the only person who feels this way! Just ask TikTok creator Alexis Elliott (@itsalexiselliott), who boldly declared that not even a whopping $200,000 could pry her away from her precious fur baby.

Talk about an unbreakable bond! Keep scrolling for the full story.

A family plays with their husky in the snow.
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Look at that face!

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A woman shockingly revealed she was offered $200,000 for her dog.

In the now-viral video, posted on Dec. 3, 2023, Alexis shockingly revealed that someone had the nerve to offer her $200,000 for her dog. Um, hello? No "for sale" sign here, buddy, so step away from the pup!

"Someone offered up $200,000 for our puppy, and I told my husband, 'Absolutely f------ not," Alexis bluntly told her followers. "Like, that is my baby. That is my baby. ... That is my child."

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Alexis made it clear the offer was legit, but she wanted everyone to know that there was not a single stack of cash big enough to make her even think about parting ways with her precious pup. She wrapped it up by throwing the question out there: "Would you guys sell your dogs for $200,000?"

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A bunch of TikTokers are ready to sell their dogs for $200,000.

I'm vibing with Alexis on this one. My dog is priceless, and no amount of dough could make me even blink at the idea of letting her go. But guess what? In the comment section, nearly half of the 5,670 responses are from these TikTokers claiming they'd gladly cash out and bid farewell to their pups.

"In this economy? Yes," one person wrote in the comment section, and then there's this heart-wrenching comment: "I hope he enjoys his new family!" Seriously, how can anyone be cool with this paw-sibility?!

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"Honestly, yes, lol 200k would change my life. As long as they seemed like good people"
Source: TikTok

A third TikTok user commented, "It's a crime to not accept 200k," to which Alexis clapped back, "It's a crime to give up my puppy to a strangerrr." Well, I couldn't agree more! Who knows what wild adventures await our furry friends in the hands of strangers? No, thank you!

"I would absolutely, without even thinking about it LMAO," chimed in a rather heartless TikTok user.

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Don't worry, though — there's a paw-some crew of kind souls standing strong against doggo betrayal!

"ABSOLUTELY NOT. The people saying yes should not have a dog tbh," one person stated. "That boy is my life."

Another replied, "OMG, never. The thought of my dog being confused and feeling abandoned breaks my heart."

"neverrr that's literally my daughter, my whole world, the only reason why I find life worth living for"
Source: TikTok
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"I'm broke, but absolutely no amount of money could replace her," someone else sweetly shared.

One wise soul dropped a truth bomb, saying, "I feel like anyone willing to pay 200K for a dog probably doesn't have the best intentions with the dog." And you know what? They're hitting the nail on the head!

So, what would you do? Would you sell your doggo for $200,000? Let us know (and maybe take a quick look at those irresistibly cute faces and puppy eyes before you make your decision!)

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