Woman Pretends to Cry During Breakup and the Internet Applauds Her

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 19 2023, Updated 12:11 p.m. ET

It’s not every day that we find a hero on TikTok, but today isn’t like every day. TikToker Savana Miles showed off her strong independent feminism when she pretended to cry during her breakup. And sure, that doesn’t sound very kind of her, but hello! He was a cheater. He deserves every bit of hilarious crocodile tears and pain she’s serving.

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Even still, while many commenters laud Savana’s performance, others say that Savana infringed on her ex-boyfriend’s privacy. So is Savana the hero or the villain? Let’s break down what really happened.

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Savana Miles went viral after fake-crying during her breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend.

In the first video regarding the drama of her ex-boyfriend, Savana posted a video with the title, “POV: You catch your boyfriend cheating but you can’t let him know your [sic] actually the one playing him.” In the video, which is taken on a hidden phone behind her ex-boyfriend during the conversation, Savana switches her facial expressions between sad, disgusted, and amused.

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Throughout the 27-second clip, her ex-boyfriend is noticeably upset and he even appears to cry. Meanwhile, when his head is down, Savana sticks her tongue out at him and nearly breaks out laughing. But when he looks up, she wipes a fake tear from her eye. In post-production, Savana zooms in on her expert crocodile tears.

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Most commenters quickly commended Savana on her performance of a lifetime. “I’M DYING. You almost get caught smiling,” one woman said. Another wrote, “You deserve an Oscar and Humanitarian Award.” But as Savana posts more about her breakup, some commenters are less supportive. Some even think that Savana cheated on her ex, too!

Savana took the video of their breakup conversation to get back at her ex for cheating on her.

In the next video she posted, Savana captioned it, “Again, I never cheated and would never do that to someone that I cared so deeply about.” She explained the situation in more depth, saying that she learned a few days before the on-camera conversation that her ex had cheated on her. During the conversation, he lied to her and tried to deny it, but she had already processed the pain.

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Now, she was ready for revenge. And if we learned anything from Beyoncé, it’s that a woman’s revenge against a cheating husband is well-earned. (And that it can make for an amazing anthem.) Again, most of the commenters are supportive, but some are skeptical of Savana’s public shaming.

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“Yes he’s wrong,” one guy wrote. “My ex-wife cheated on me multiple times. But why do y’all have to take your personal business to social media?” And that is the crux of using social media to get back at your ex. Is it an invasion of their privacy?

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At the end of the day, most of Savana’s commenters don’t care, because she is the hero here! He reaches out because he’s upset she aired his cheating ways publicly. If he didn’t want people to know, he shouldn’t have done it!

Savana was able to harmlessly (we don’t know his name and haven’t seen his face) get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend. And that is queen behavior.

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