"I Do Not Like Him at All" — Woman Refuses to Invite Sister's Boyfriend to Her Wedding

In a forum online, a woman shared that she refused to invite her sister's boyfriend to her wedding and folks agree with her decision on the matter.

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Jul. 18 2023, Published 10:58 a.m. ET

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It’s a tale as old as time. Two sisters are happy in their respective relationships, but one sister isn't too fond of the other sibling's mate.

Typically, some siblings can iron out their differences with their sibling’s partner and can maintain a level of cordiality. However, when family events and milestones become a factor, it can be hard to invite your sibling’s partner to your festivities. Case in point: This woman on Reddit.

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The woman said that she refused to invite her sister’s boyfriend to her wedding and folks are weighing in. Many people can relate. Here’s the full scoop.

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A woman refused to invite her sister’s boyfriend to her wedding because she doesn’t like him.

Sometimes you can’t blame people for the choices that they make. On Reddit’s “Am I The A------” (AITA) forum, a user shared that she refused to invite her sister’s boyfriend to her wedding because she doesn’t like him. She provided multiple examples for her reasoning.

“One, he is still married and in the process of divorcing his wife — we've all heard that before,” the user shared. “Two, I had an honest conversation with him asking about his intentions with my sister and why he ended it with his wife. His excuse was that his previous wife 'forced' him into the relationship and didn't know love was real until he met my sister (which sounds like immature, manipulative BS to me)."

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The user continued: "Three, his values are completely different than my sister's, which I believe opposites attract. But on fundamental things that I know my sister feels passionate about, she seems to have made herself smaller and more agreeable with some crazy views. For example, he believes lower class people cannot be trusted."

The user shared another odd behavior of his that consists of “demanding golden showers from the sister who happily obliges even though she knows the sister thinks it’s disgusting.”

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Interestingly, the user shared that her sister is also her maid of honor and once she told her that she wouldn't extend an invite to her boyfriend, she seemingly vacated her responsibilities.

“Because I told her no, she has responded by not coming to my bachelorette or bridal party and she has not been active at all in the wedding process,” the user shared.

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The woman explained that she “doesn’t want to lose” her sister, but fears that if she doesn't accept the guy into the family it may happen. She also claimed that no one in the family recognizes her sister anymore — behavior-wise — and the family isn't privy to the circumstances of how the sister and the boyfriend got together.

Unfortunately, the sister met her new man while she was engaged to another man who she was in a relationship with for a decade and cheated on him. As for the boyfriend, he was married and cheated on his wife with the user's sister.

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The user also shared that her sister didn’t ask about inviting the boyfriend until after she sent out the “table placements charts and catering count.” Not to mention, their father isn't fond of the boyfriend. Making matters worse, it appears that the sister wants to use the wedding as a big reveal to introduce her man to the family. The user ended her rant by asking folks whether she's the a------.

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Reddit users are mostly aligned with the woman’s decision not to invite her sister’s boyfriend to her wedding.

Let’s be honest: Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. That said, Reddit users believe that the woman has all right not to extend an invite to her sister's boyfriend. After all, most folks believe that her reasons and synopsis of the situation are valid.

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“So she wants to make your wedding the big splashy event that she introduces everybody to her new boyfriend at?” one user commented. "And she's wondering why you don't want him there? The fact that she was in a relationship for 10 years that broke up and nobody knows about it that will be at the wedding means everybody at the wedding will be talking about your sister and her boyfriend. Put aside the fact that you don't like him."

The person continued: "It's the fact that not everybody knows this information yet! You'd be throwing her a party to introduce her boyfriend to people because that's all everyone's going to talk about! She's extremely selfish and since the seating charts are already done it's just too late. Stick to your guns, NTA.”

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On the flip side, a few folks shared that since the sister is the maid of honor, she should be able to bring her boyfriend as a plus one.

However, the general opinion is that it’s the woman’s wedding, so she can invite who she pleases. What do you think?

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