A Woman Surprises Followers with Actual Video Footage of an Amish Wedding

Many cultures have different traditions and weddings, but it’s rare to get a peek into what an Amish wedding is really like.

Jamie Lerner - Author

May 7 2024, Published 5:59 p.m. ET

In many ways, social media really does bring the world together and bridge gaps that would otherwise stay separate forever. But one hole in this is Amish culture, which is typically inaccessible to those in the “modern” world with smartphones and other luxuries. However, TikToker Regina B aka @itsamess_momma shared a rare glimpse at what it's like to attend an Amish wedding ceremony.

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She and her family had once been part of the Amish community, so she was welcomed back for one of her relative’s weddings and was able to film bits and pieces of it to share on TikTok. There have been various conspiracies and negative press about the Amish community for years between documentaries like Sins of the Amish and Next of Kin, so it’s refreshing to see a positive show of love and celebration.

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A woman shares how fun and innocent an Amish wedding is as the Amish keep to their traditions.

From the happy-go-lucky music to the way it’s described, Regina makes it seem like Amish weddings are the best. Most of us may never have a chance to go to one, and it does seem rare that Regina, who isn’t part of the Amish community, was able to attend at all. She took us through the wedding festivities from start to finish while being respectful to her family.

“Gotta show up at just the right time. Not too early, not too late,” she shared. As she pans around, we can see guests in matching outfits from the men’s black and white formal get-ups to women in long magenta and blue dresses. The wedding seems to take place at a barn or ranch out in the farmland.

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“Just kids playing in the dirt … exactly how it should be,” she continued. In the shot, we can see her daughter in a sparkly dress with a pink tutu playing alongside a little girl dressed like she’s in The Handmaid’s Tale in a long red-ish dress with a white hair covering. It is nice to see kids playing outside, but we’ve definitely seen that in non-Amish settings too.

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Plus, commenters added sentiments like, “I wonder if the little girl thought of how she wishes she could wear a sparkly pink dress like your daughter” with a sad face. Even still, it was cute to see all the kids getting along.

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Regina added that there is “simple and elegant decor” while showing off beautifully decorated white cakes with white beads on them. There are also some cute wooden books with the dates of their first date, the day she said yes, and “the best day” and a retro-looking typewriter. She also shows off “The Eck” (or corner) which is where the bride and groom eat together for the first time as a married couple.

Then there’s “the greatest debate of all time: which candy to choose,” which is shocking because I never knew worldly candy was allowed into Amish communities. It seems like weddings are such a special occasion that some of the strict rules we’ve heard about aren’t followed as tightly.

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“Literally so much food,” Regina added. “Good home-cooked food, just ask the hubby.” Although Regina seems to have some personal ties to the Amish community, it may have been her husband’s first foray into the world. She pans around to everyone enjoying their meals and passing dishes around, evoking a sort of family style atmosphere.

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On the table, there are also sheets of “good old school hymns” on the table for everyone to sing along. While some commenters were confused about the video because Regina set her video to “Live Your Beautiful Life” by Gray Griggs, she clarified that while the Amish don’t listen to worldly music, they do sing hymns or play the harmonica in social settings.

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While some commenters asked questions, most were incredibly supportive and have had their own fun Amish wedding experiences. One described the food as “top tier” although she also pointed out the “long ceremonies,” which Regina smartly did not showcase.

Another said that an Amish wedding they attended was “an awesome experience” and one more added that they “love the simplicity of Amish weddings.”

While living an Amish life may not be for everyone, it seems like going to an Amish wedding is a bucket list experience we should all enjoy at least once in our lives.

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