Woman Swallowed Her Nose Ring and It Happens More Often Than You'd Think

In a now-viral video, a woman explained how she swallowed her nose ring in her sleep. Interestingly enough, it happens more often than you'd think!

Pretty Honore - Author

Jul. 20 2023, Published 4:02 p.m. ET

So many people use tattoos and piercings as a way to express their creativity — one of which is TikTok user Alex Pauls (@snackbetchof3).

Alex woke up one morning to find that she lost her nose ring. However, it didn’t take long for the accessory to turn up. As a matter of fact, it was much easier to find than she expected.

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While she was asleep, Alex accidentally swallowed the nose ring, which she later coughed up in the car. As unbelievable as her story sounds, Alex isn’t the first person to have gotten their nose ring stuck in their throat, and she won’t be the last!

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This woman swallowed her nose ring in her sleep and the internet can relate.

Alex started her 28-second-long video in total disbelief. “I f------ am dead right now,” she said to her front camera, later detailing the unusual series of events that had occurred the night prior.

“Okay, so I lost my nose ring last night in my sleep,” she went on. “And I was like OK, well maybe it's in my bed somewhere. I'll find it later.”

Just like that, Alex went on about her day. It wasn’t until later on that she finally solved the mystery of the missing nose ring — it was in her throat the whole time.

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“I just like, cleared my throat because it was itching so hard. It's been like tingling all morning,” they explained. “I thought I had a hair in the back of my throat.”

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Alex realized that it wasn’t a hair that was tickling her throat, but her nose ring instead. The TikToker revealed: “My f------ nose ring went up my nose and down my throat and it just came out of my mouth.”

“How does this even happen,” she asked in the caption alongside a laughing face emoji.

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Weirdly enough, there were a number of people in the comment section who could relate. For example, TikTok user @Hyenabreath discovered a piece of jewelry lodged inside their ear during a doctor’s visit.

“Dude, one time I went to the doctor because my ear was so clogged and they flushed it out and there was a metal ball in it even though none of mine were missing,” they wrote.

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Another commenter, @swampasspassgas was relieved to know they weren’t the only ones who accidentally swallowed a piece of jewelry in the past. “I had this happen with one of my septum rings,” the user shared. “I’m so glad this is a universal thing.”

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@Annaspears335 wrote: “I did this after a drunk night. coughed it up the next morning and out it came. Imagine how many [things] you’ve ‘lost’ that are [actually] in your lungs.”

And honestly, it’s pretty scary to think about. Many said that Alex’s story was a cautionary tale that made them rethink their nighttime routines.

“This is where all mine are going, swear to God I’ve moved my whole bed and vacuumed to find nothing. Welp now I know,” @Tatteddbaddiiee chimed in.

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