Woman on TikTok’s Dream Is Predicting Her Death

A woman went on TikTok to tell us about her dream that was predicting her death. Even scarier: her sister had a similar dream. Read on for details!

Allison Hunt - Author

Sep. 25 2023, Published 9:33 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • TikTok user @melinda.pdf dreamt that she was dying.
  • In the dream, she bled out and died from being shot.
  • Her sister also dreamt that she was dead the same night.
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Have you ever woken up from a dream that was so vivid, that was so real, that you were spooked for days and couldn't stop thinking about it? Maybe there was even an underlying theme, symbol, or animal that kept being repeated so much so that you immediately googled, "Dream meaning dragon" to find out what was happening.

Well, this happened to one TikTok user, @melina.pdf, except that there was no underlying theme, more of a very present reality... or as close to reality as a dream could feel. And now she is wondering if her dream may have been predicting her own death.

Read on for what she had to say...

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The TikTok video posted by Melina on September 19, 2023, has 65.3K views and 10.1K comments. The video has the words, "Am I predicting my death??" written across it with the caption, "Never been this spooked before. Too much of a coincidence!!"

Melina opens the video by saying that," Two days ago I had this very vivid dream that I bled out and died from being shot. And It was such a crazy dream, I had time to text all my friends, and my family, and tell them that I'm leaving. Keep in mind I was shot like, 20-50 times...it was a lot. And I didn't instantly die. I had time to go to the hospital...I ended up passing away from bleeding out."

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While Melina's dream is very vivid, it is not uncommon for people to dream of dying. But what is freaky is that her sister also dreamt that Melina was dead.

In the video, Melina describes how she called her sister to tell her and her sister said, "That's so weird because I just had a dream that we were at the trial for the guy that killed you." Melina then talks about how weird it is that she died in two dreams but chalked it up to being "Just a dream."

Well a couple of days later, Melina is at a restaurant sitting outside and eating by herself, and a weird man bikes up to her and says, "You're gonna die anyway. You're gonna die anyway."

Obviously, this trips Melina out a bit. She doesn't want to pass away because she just got her passport and needs to travel internationally. Which, same sis.

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Naturally, the commenters are helping her solve this riddle. One person said that it, "Could be a memory from your past life," and another commented that when you die in a dream, "sometimes it just means growth & that something new is about to come reborn."

Melina ends the video with a very even-keeled, "We'll see." Guess we will see! Thankfully for us, Melina posted two days ago on TikTok so we assume she is alive and well!

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