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Woman's Elderly Neighbors Have Been Stalking and Harassing Her on a Daily Basis



You often hear horror stories about neighbors who do terrible things, from spying on people to trashing their yards. But those dastardly neighbors are hardly ever elderly people well into their 80s. You'd think they'd have better things to do.

Evidently, that's not the case in this new "Am I the A-hole?" post. A young woman, 27 years old, has lived in her neighborhood for a little less than a year, and she's wondering if it would be wrong to file a harassment complaint against her elderly neighbors. At this point, their behavior is preventing her from living a safe, peaceful life. 

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She explains that her elderly neighbors have never been friendly. When she's tried to say hello, they just scowl. "Those kind of neighbors," she writes. Since the pandemic started, she's been working from home and only leaves the house for essential errands.

Since she moved in, she has noticed that her neighbors like to stare at her. "When I'm washing dishes or making coffee, they will stand in their backyard and stare at me through the side door, or sit in their kitchen window and stare at me into my kitchen window," she writes. 

Understandably, it makes her uncomfortable. She's taken to closing the blinds on the windows, but there's nothing to cover the door. 

Additionally, she got a new car in the fall of 2019 and sometimes parks it on the street. A few times, she saw her neighbor walk up to her car, take pictures of it, write down the license plate number, and look inside. She sort of shrugged it off at the time, but the invasions of privacy have only gotten worse with time.

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They'll stand on the sidewalk by her front window and just stare into her living room. She writes that they especially do this when she orders food. It's super creepy! Recently, she caught her neighbor taking pictures of packages on her front porch. 

She asked if there was a problem, but he just scowled and walked back to his house. The latest incident resulted in a visit from a police officer. The neighbors had called the police and filed a complaint against OP for noise, having a junk car in her driveway, and having expired license plate tags. 

She writes, "The noise complaint didn't make sense because I am the quietest person ever. As for the expired tags on my car? I renewed my registration and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail." She explained the other incidents of harassment, and the officer suggested filing a formal harassment complaint, so she did. 

This is where her terrible neighbors show their hand: After filing the complaint, she woke up to a note on her windshield that said, "How nice of you to file a harassment complaint against your elderly neighbors. Go back to where you came from it that's how you want to treat us." 

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Ah! So they're racist a-holes. In a scary update to her original post, she writes that she woke up to nails in her tires. She came to Reddit because she doesn't know if she was wrong to file a complaint. 

Many commenters picked up on the "go back to where you came from" comment and asked if OP is a person of color. She responded that she is white but that she has olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes since she has Romanian and Greek heritage. It really seems like these neighbors are judging her and find her suspicious based on how she looks, which is absolutely despicable. 

Commenters urged OP to add the note and the nails in her tires to the original complaint, and to get some cameras to capture what goes on outside her home. And while they tried to guilt her about complaining about her "elderly neighbors," commenters clarified that their age doesn't mean they can act however they want to.

"Just because they’re elderly does not give them a pass to be creepy as all hell," one person wrote. "Elderly people are, well, they’re just people who got old. It doesn’t make them special in any way."

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