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Guy Posts a New Dad Joke on His Lawn Every Day of the Quarantine



Sure, we may all be stuck inside, but that doesn't mean we can't try to make our neighbors laugh! That's the central idea at the heart of one man's effort. This guy posts a new dad joke or silly observation outside every day of the quarantine to help make his neighbors' days a little brighter.

And right now, that kind of silliness is exactly what we need. The jokes are fun, but it's also clearly a super nice, charming thing that a neighbor is doing for his friends, and that's what really matters.

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Hey, we're all in quarantine, not wearing shoes (at least I'm not), so we don't have to deal with this little life annoyance. It's the little things that make you feel better about the situation, isn't it? 

I've got to say that this really is inspiring me to leave some funny words outside for my neighbors. I wish I had poster board and a wooden stake to pull this off! 

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Not only do these brighten your day, but they also make you think. Why don't we ever see elephants hiding in trees? These jokes are great distractions from reality, but they're also thinkers. 

We really don't have any idea how long we're going to be quarantined, so the fact that this neighbor has committed to a new joke every day is definitely something. I hope he doesn't run out! 

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Oh, this one is too real. We're all just agreeing not to acknowledge how any of us look at the end of this thing, right? No one is getting hair cuts or shaving their legs, and we're all drowning our sorrows in Oreos and eating all the homemade bread we can... Right? Right. 

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Shower? What's a shower? I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I've definitely showered since the quarantine started... A couple of times, at least. And singing in the shower is one of life's simplest joys. Everyone sounds like a professional singer in the shower. 

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Of course, no one's out driving or getting pulled over these days, so this joke is a relic of the pre-COVID-19 times. In fact, I feel like all of life is probably going to feel different after this.

At some point, we'll be living in a post-coronavirus world, but I don't think it will really ever feel the same. This whole thing feels unprecedented, a global event that's revealing a lot about the ways in which our society works and doesn't work, and it's inevitable that we will take a lot from it.

But until then, we need jokes! We need fun shows! We need stories of neighbors doing nice things for each other and making each other laugh!

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Get it? He's going to see which comes first. But seriously, it's hard to find chicken and eggs at stores right now. People are still hoarding food and supplies. I know this is a joke, but if he found chicken and eggs, can he let me know where he got them? I want to make some chicken parm. 

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