"Why Is This Happening?" — Baffled Woman Says Her iPhone Keeps Calling Her "Bobby Text"

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 8 2024, Published 6:41 p.m. ET

Identity crisis? Maybe for this woman.

If you own Apple products, you're likely familiar with how your devices each get their own names like "Sally's iPhone" and "Sally's Airpods." These names are usually obvious and make it easy to help you identify which device is yours if trying to connect to something. But in a mind-boggling video, one woman shares the unsettling experience of how her iPhone was referring to her by a completely unknown name.

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Initially, she assumed it was a default name or rather a placeholder used by Apple until she entered her real name. But upon further investigation, she learned that wasn't the case, and it's kind of creepy.

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One woman claims her iPhone was identifying her as "Bobby Text," and she has no idea why.

A TikTok creator named Eileen Hanely (@glitterwrists) took to the platform to share a personal conundrum she had been having with her iPhone, claiming that she "thought this was something that everyone’s phone did."

In her video, Eileen explains, "My phone thinks that my name is Bobby Text." And yes, she's got proof of this bizarre situation.

Eileen shows viewers an automated photo folder on her iPhone titled "Bobby Text" filled with pictures of herself. Adding to the unease, she says that whenever she connects her AirPods, they pop up "Bobby Text's AirPods."

Initially, this didn't strike Eileen as weird. "I thought this was just like something that iPhones did. Like the default Apple setting was like, if you don’t know the name, put Bobby Text," she explained.

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tiktok comment bobby text
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But her friends had recently pointed out to her that Apple doesn't have a default setting like that.

As Eileen ends her video, she asks: "Why is this happening?”

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In the comment section, some users were flummoxed by Eileen's logic. "Girl why would this be a universal experience LOL," wrote one person.

Meanwhile, others took this space to troll Eileen. "The Bobby Text?? I’m a huge fan!" read one comment.

Other comments read, "Assigned Bobby text at birth" and "sounds like something Bobby Text would say."

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Source: TikTok
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However, some users seemed like they could relate to Eileen's issue and started explaining their predicaments. (Although, it was unclear whether they were being truthful or just being snarky.)

"Mine is Otis Timbits. Whenever I give someone my number, that’s the suggested contact. I get spam emails addressed to Mr. Timbits," commented one woman.

Another user wrote: This happened to me too! Except the name was 'Plain Warden.'"

A third claimed: "This happened to me on Yahoo Mail! I logged in after a few months and my name was suddenly 'Foots Lewis'? Never changed it though."

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As Eileen's comment section became like the Wild West, she reiterated her question. "Guys I know it’s possible to change it and I know how to change it, I am merely perplexed as to why?" she wrote.

tiktok comment bobby text
Source: tiktok
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Most users didn't have any advice to share. However, there was one person who offered up a pretty solid hunch.

Their comment read: "I have a theory. I think at some point long ago, someone accidentally triggered your Siri while some other conversations were going on."

Could this be a valid explanation? Well, Siri does have a mind of her own and there are often things you don't want to accidentally say in front of her, like the number 17.

The mystery remains unsolved, at least for now. However, Eileen has since changed her name on TikTok to Bobby Text, embracing her new identity.

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