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Source: Facebook

Woman Loses Hair After Buying Tampered-With Conditioner That Was Mixed with Nair


When you step into a Walmart or Target, look around you. Notice the packaging on many of the products we buy on a regular basis. Suddenly, it's like one of those horror montages where images get scarier and scarier as you notice more of them. Toothpaste. Ice cream. Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. 

Too many products don't have protective seals or plastic coverings. So many of the things we buy every day could easily be tampered with without our knowledge. And we might never know until it's too late. 

There's a new trend of people messing with products in stores and then returning them to the shelves as if nothing happened. This is a public health concern. And one poor young woman recently learned  the hard way that her conditioner had been compromised. 

Source: Facebook