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Women Are Asking Their Boyfriends What The Letters on Tampons Mean



It's fair to say that some men are clueless when it comes to the ins and outs of female anatomy and everything that comes alongside it. Some men didn't have sisters to teach them that stuff and others simply didn't listen in their biology class. 

That lack of knowledge has led to some pretty embarrassing situations in the past. Like this guy who thought that the yellow and green on these boxes of tampax tampons meant they were lemon and lime flavor. We won't ask how he thought that would work. 

And now, there are even more embarrassed men out there. Twitter user Evan Worthen recently took to the platform to pull off a joke after finding one of his girlfriend's tampons at his place. "My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and [I don't know] where the left one is," he joked. "Anyone know where I can get a single left tampon to keep a set here for emergencies?"

As most of you will hopefully know, the letters on tampons actually denote their absorbency level. With “R” for “Regular,” "L" for "Light," and "S" for "Super." But Evan's joke prompted many women to text their boyfriends and ask them what the letters on their tampons stood for. And predictably, many of them had no idea at all. 

This woman's boyfriend made a few guesses, and none of them were correct. He thought that the "L" stood for anything from "large" to "lollipop." 

This man guessed that the "R" might stand for "Ready." 

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And yes, someone did think that the "L" and "R" stood for "Left" and "Right."

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I'll take a large tampon with a side of fries, please. 

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To be fair, this guy wasn't far off. 

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This guy on the other hand...

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This guy tried to relate it to things he better understands. 

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Where he got "Raccoon" from we don't know. Though he did get somewhat close with "Runny" so we'll give him a five out of ten. 

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"Religion is necessary for periods." What does that even mean?! 

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To be fair, some men did know their stuff. 

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Hopefully he can teach the rest of these guys a thing or two. 

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