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Source: fox pictures

'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Spoilers — Will This Major Character Die?


Spoilers and theories are popping up all over the internet ahead of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix release after a trailer of the film was released that depicts what many think is Jean Grey (play by Sophie Turner) putting a big-time hurting on Magneto.

A hurting that supposedly kills off the metal-bending mega mutant for good. This unconfirmed "reveal" has a lot of fans of the series asking a ton of questions, chief among them:

How strong is Dark Phoenix?

To understand just how powerful Dark Phoenix is requires a little bit of knowledge of the Marvel universe. The X-Men exist within that universe and although the X-Men series rights are owned and produced by Fox pictures, they still abide, for the most part, to the same "rules" of the greater Marvel universe. 

And the Phoenix Force is definitely a power to be reckoned with.