xQc Updates Fans on His Health, Says He Was "Bleeding From [His] Ears"

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 24 2022, Published 5:01 p.m. ET

It seems that multiple Twitch icons are walking away from TwitchCon unwell. Not only did Adriana Chechik suffer some serious injuries while at the convention, but other creators have since fallen ill.

xQc missed a scheduled stream following TwitchCon, telling his followers that he wasn't feeling well. Since then, it seems the streamer has only gotten more sick, recently reporting bleeding out of his ears as a result of his illness. But what's wrong with xQc?

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xQc said he came down with COVID-19 after TwitchCon.

Despite the precautions put in place by the directors of TwitchCon, quite a few creators have reported falling ill following the convention — and xQc confirmed to his Twitter followers on Oct. 14 that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

"I'm getting absolutely obliterated," he said in the video, noting that he did not receive the booster. "My breathing is fine, I have a headache, all of my muscles hurt, and I feel like I'm getting attacked in the muscles."

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Two days later, he posted another tweet, this time sharing just an image of himself curled in the fetal position of the floor. The caption-less photo shows the streamer huddled amongst multiple bottles of Powerade, used tissues, Emergen-C, and various takeout containers.

Though it seems that xQc managed to survive his COVID-19 diagnosis, he's since continued to get sick.

Is xQc dead? Has he gone to the hospital for his sickness?

Following xQc's recovery from COVID-19, he's only gotten sicker, now reporting that he has a double ear infection that isn't getting any better.

"Looks like right after I heal from COVID-19, I'm greeted with [a] double ear infection. Fun," he tweeted on Oct. 21. "Both sides of my face are swollen; laying down, talking, chewing, it all hurts. Holy s--t, I can't catch a break."

Two days later, he tweeted another update to fans, confirming he sought medical help.

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"Update: Went to urgent care [because] pain was [unbearable] and [I] was bleeding from my ears, got antibiotic drops, [used] the drops, [and] woke up in a worse state," he tweeted. "I'm so swollen I can barely hear anything; I can't chew or talk right. IDK WTF is going on, I'm gonna snap."

xQc has not updated his fans on his health since Oct. 23. The replies to his most recent tweet are filled with messages of well-wishes from fans, with many suggesting he stop "living like a goblin creature."

Though many are worried about his health, at this time it seems that despite dealing with the onslaught of illnesses he's been facing, xQc is not dead. While it's unclear if he's sought more urgent medical attention than his recent trip to Urgent Care, he'll continue to update fans on his Twitter as to how he's doing and when he will be streaming again.

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