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Source: lionsgate

Sylvester Stallone Proves He's Still Got It in 'Rambo: Last Blood'


I feel like it's impossible to come from New Jersey and not love Sylvester Stallone (not that he's originally from Jersey or anything — the guy was actually born in Hell's Kitchen, N.Y.) but there's something about him that people from my home state identify with. 

So, you can understand as a young man, I gobbled up everything he was ever in, even some of his lamer movies, and Rambo: Last Blood, which features Yvette Monreal as his niece, is no different. 

The 2008 Rambo was a brilliant action flick that was released some 20 years since Rambo III, so I'm not worried about the new one not being absolutely amazing (despite last seeing him mow down baddies 11 years ago). 

Rambo: Last Blood plot explained:

In the film, John Rambo's chilling in Arizona on a farm, spending his days breaking down horses and being a reflective old combat badass just trying to live out the rest of his life in peace.