Did Zane Hijazi Just Get Hair Surgery and if Yes, Why?

Leila Kozma - Author

Nov. 21 2019, Updated 2:47 p.m. ET

zane hijazi surgery
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Zane Hijazi needs no introduction.

The Miami-born, New York-based internet personality earned renown for expertly-edited, gag-packed videos and Vines, and he also appeared in genre-re-defining masterpieces like David Dobrik's 2015 What was she thinking?!, and Kiss Cam!!

Over the years, Zane's name became synonymous with crazy shenanigans, and just recently, he managed to up the ante. How? By filming his own hair surgery. That's right. You can now watch Zane Hijazi's surgery online. 

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What's there to know about Zane Hijazi's hair surgery? 

The Youtuber released various pieces of content documenting the long, painful process in acute detail. 

While the hour-long podcast titled Zane's Getting Hair Transplant Surgery UNFILTERED #6 sees the celeb explain why he opted for the process in the first place, the 12-minute long video, This Surgery Changed My Life, offers a rare glimpse into the medical procedure itself. 

zane hijazi surgery
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With the podcast, Zane treats us to a poignant description of the ups and downs of becoming a father who is bold, naming his fear of showing up to a kindergarten wearing his trusty hat day in, day out as the No. 1 source of motivation for undergoing surgery. 

On the other hand, the video is a more pragmatic affair, with extreme close-ups of the strips of skin removed from Zane's head. 

Zane didn't undertake the surgery for the prank— but the resulting video achieves similar effects. 

As we learn from Zane's Getting Hair Transplant Surgery UNFILTERED #6, Zane suffers from a crippling fear of going bald.  

In fact, as he reveals, he already has undertaken hair surgery for these exact reasons. However, its effects have begun to fade away, which led the internet personality to go back for a second round.

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"It's changed my life forever, I have so much confidence now. I never have to wear a hat, it's like the best feeling in the world. That made me so excited. [...] I want to feel that again, I want to be able to not wear my f--king hat ever again," Zane explained on the podcast. 

zane hijazi surgery
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What is hair surgery anyway? 

As Zane explains at the beginning of the video, there are two different types of hair surgery available on the market.

While the follicular unit extraction or FUE involves the extraction of follicular units — or to use the less scary term, hair — with the use of a micro punch from the donor area, a part of the head unlikely to go bald during the patient's lifetime. This surgery calls for the extraction of individual pieces of hair. 

Zane opted for the other option, the follicular unit transportation or FUT.

This procedure involves the removal of entire strips of hair – which are then transplanted back. 

Zane took a great deal of inspiration from the procedure, venturing so far as to dress up as a hair surgery patient for Halloween. 

Since the recovery period takes up to one year, we can't help but wonder: do the video and the podcast mark the beginning of a new era? Should we only expect hair surgery-themed content from Zane from here onward?

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