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Is Lele Pons Dating Fellow YouTuber Twan Kuyper? They Sure Do Spend a Lot of Time Together



With over 37 million Instagram followers and 15.4 million YouTube subscribers, influencer Lele Pons is popping up all over the place. 

Naturally, fans want to know everything they can about the 23-year-old, who got her start on Vine and has since blossomed into an actress, singer, dancer, model, and TV host. 

Who is Lele Pons dating?

Despite constant reports that she’s dating fellow YouTuber Twan Kuyper, Lele appears to be single at the moment — though she does love to stoke the fire when it comes to rumors regarding her love life.

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Lele and Twan frequently appear in each other’s videos and have even pretended to be girlfriend and boyfriend for the sake of their content. 

In a video published on Nov. 17 titled "Meet our Kids!!," the pair jokes that they have 6-year-old twin daughters together. Two weeks earlier, they filmed a skit in which they pretend to meet via a dating app.

But Twan also posted a video in October featuring a different woman as his girlfriend of five years, so yeah, these two like to prank their followers. In a recent interview with WIRED, Lele did confirm that the Dutch model is her "best friend."

The blonde beauty opened up about her past relationships in a September Q&A with Tinder. "I have been through so much. I live in a telenovela," the Venezuelan star admitted. "I’ve been the side chick, I’ve been the one that has been cheated on, the one that cheats."

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When asked what she considers to be a major red flag, Lele said it’s important to see how a man treats his mom. "The way the person treats the parents is the way that he’s eventually going to be treating you," she stated.

As for her ideal first date, Lele likes to go on adventures. "I wouldn’t want my first date just to [be] dinner," she shared. "I want to go, like, rock climbing, do something that they’ve never done before." The former La Voz… México host added, "I want to plan my first date. I don’t like the guys planning my first date."

Lele also confessed that she’s a sucker for "boys who get mariachi bands and sing to me." What girl wouldn’t want that?!

The social media celeb is related to Latin pop singer Chayanne. 

During her chat with WIRED, Lele confirmed that the Puerto Rican artist is her uncle by marriage. "Chayanne is married to the sister of my mom," she explained. "So we’re not really related by blood, but he’s my godfather and my uncle."

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In fact, Lele — who took opera for four years as a child — is trying to kick-start a singing career of her own. Though she considered attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music after high school, she decided to move straight to Los Angeles instead. The Scream guest star released a single earlier this year called "Bloqueo" with merengue singer Feugo.

In that same conversation with WIRED, Lele also revealed that she’s trilingual. "Spanish is my first language, Italian is my second, and English is my third," she shared.

Needless to say, Lele has plenty to put on her resume. 

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