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Source: capcom | istock

CDC Warns That Zombie Deer Epidemic Could Potentially Spread to Humans


A disease that's turning deer into "zombies" has popped up on the CDC's radar and their response to it has more than a few people freaked out.

There's a kind of perverse fantasy many of us have with the zombie apocalypse. It's probably why games like Resident Evil or shows like The Walking Dead are just so popular.

I don't know what it says about a human being who is seemingly obsessed with the end of days. I get that real life is hard and all and going after your dreams, despite getting constantly slapped in the face by life is tough, but dude, that doesn't mean you have to go and wish everyone in the world gets turned into a zombie so you can go and start busting heads open and killing monsters carte blanche.

As "cool" as this may sound to someone with an edgy middle-schooler's mindset, I'm not really looking forward to this happening, mostly because I know I'd probably get turned into a zombie right away. I really wouldn't want to see what that would do to my skin because I'm self-conscious about that enough as it is.

But a neurodegenerative disease that's popping up in wild animals might give the Doomsday-obsessed their wish.