New Fox News Poll About Trump Has Unexpected Results—Especially For Fox News

<p>The Bully-in-Chief.</p>


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:21 p.m. ET

Fox News has a well-earned reputation for promoting right-wing issues and politicians. They've had a particularly cozy relationship with President Trump (pictured above hamming it up for a photo op with pharmaceutical executives). Good times!

So it's a bit surprising to see Fox News release results of a recent poll... of their own viewers. 

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Naturally, Fox wants to tell us what a great job Trump is doing and how impressed everyone is with him and his physique, right? Perhaps not anymore. They asked registered voters how likely they were to use certain words to describe the President.

Here's how the "extremely well" and "very well" answers shook out: 

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Four out of five people agree that Trump "says what he thinks," which — how is this less than 100 percent here? The second highest result was "bully" — over half the respondents agreed they'd say he was a bully. You know, that term you use to teach your children how not to act? 

And in a race for the bottom, just one in four respondents thought Trump — who they, as Fox News watchers, almost certainly voted for — was a "moral leader" or "presidential."

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What's more, over half of polled voters said that the terms “presidential” (56 percent), “moral leader” (55 percent), “compassionate” (53 percent), and “steady leader” (53 percent) apply to the President NOT AT ALL.

This is unexpected, as only 1 in 8 Trump voters say they would have changed their vote six months into his unstable, bullying, says-what-he-thinks time in the White House.

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Another glaring result from the poll? Over half of voters positively affirm that the President is "tearing the country apart":

The United States of America, ladies and gentlemen. What do you think of the Fox News poll findings? 


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