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This Woman Was Asked To Dye Her Hair For A Wedding And The Reason Why Is Creepy As Hell

By Distractify Staff

Weddings seem to make everyone insane, but especially the bride and groom, who are essentially spending the down payment on a house to get a new profile pic in evening clothes. Of course they want their bridal party to look their best too. These pictures are going to last a lifetime, even if you're blackout during the reception.

People in the bridal party may roll their eyes at the demands and expense, but everyone is secretly happy to be included. It is special to be a part of someone's Big Day. Reddit user bridehairthrowaway was so flattered to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding that she even entertained an insane request for awhile—to dye her red hair to brown so it would match the other bridesmaids. Now, to me, reading that makes me want to scream, "DON'T WALK, RUN!" But she actually seemed to consider it until the Internet set her straight: