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Woman Dumped By Her Fiance Via Text Got Sweet Revenge At A Cowboys Game



There's nothing quite like getting revenge on someone who wronged you, especially when it's an ex. Sure, getting revenge on a crappy car dealership or business who swindled you feels great, but there's something special about sticking it to someone who decided you weren't good enough to be in their life. 

Like this dude who dumped his fiancé right before Christmas. What's worse, he did it over text message. I know ... we're cringing too. Not only is a broken engagement bad enough, but to end the relationship via text is downright cruel. 

But don't feel too bad for the heartbroken woman, because it looks like she got the last laugh in a big way.

And everyone watching the nationally Broadcast Cowboys-Lions game last night was there to witness the truly glorious moment.

"My fiance dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas," Brenna Clanton wrote on a sign she proudly displayed during the game. It caught the attention of Oxford Eagle journalist, Alex McDaniel. 

And then other people started taking notice and chewed out the guy for his text-dumping ways.

And it looks like Brenna's got people lining up the take her ex's place, too.

Brenna even posted a big thank you to McDaniel for sharing her photo on social media.

Although getting dumped is never easy, especially via text, at least Brenna was able to get some sweet, sweet revenge by getting his her ex's inconsideration turned into a viral story.  

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