Guy Gets Called 'A Little Much' By A Woman And Loses It Over Text Message



Dating in the age of the internet and text messaging is definitely...interesting at times. A lot can get lost in translation when you're communicating only with words on a screen and misunderstandings will definitely happen. That said, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say this text exchange escalated quickly... or that the dude who escalated it is more than "a little much." He's actually a complete tool with anger management/toxic masculinity issues to sort through. 

Some people really can't take a hint. Others can't take some constructive criticism. The worst kind of person is someone who can't take either one. 

Many women worry about rejecting guys whether in person or virtually because they're scared about someone overreacting or threatening their safety upon hearing a simple "sorry, not interested." In this vein, Reddit user Lossaysswag recently posted a text conversation her friend had with a guy she "barely met last week." 

She decided to try and let him down easy, by telling him he was "a little much," and then this happened...

I feel like "a little much" is a bit of an understatement.

Commenters understandably believe she dodged a bullet with this one.

"Without question, the best way to prove you aren't 'a little much' is to send a barrage of texts wherein you levy a variety of personal insults," one user wrote. "Who can say why his strategy failed to pay off this time. Literally no one. It's a mystery for the ages. "

Since the images were posted, the guy called her six times and sent another great wall of text. Of course, Lossaysswag shared.

Then he sent her this...

We're hoping he lets up his attempts to woo her soon, but until then, we hope she keeps us updated.

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