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This Couple Had A 'Breakup Photoshoot' And The Internet Has Feelings


In the age of Instagram, we're seeing a lot more of our friends' and families' intimate moments than ever before. Sometimes a little too much. I once knew a guy who would send selfies from the toilet. But one thing I never expected to see if a photoshoot commemorating... a breakup. Having been through a few breakups in my time, I can say there are few periods of my life I less want to be photographed than when I am puffy-eyed, snot-nosed, haven't slept more than a couple hours in a week, have been crying non-stop, and have ignored all rules of hygiene or eating healthy. It's not a pretty time in anyone's life nor is it one most people want to put on display. But these people are... not most people. They did a photoshoot to announce they were splitting up. The results are predictable hilarious. Seriously, who does this? Please don't let this become a trend. 

Photoshoots with someone you love are always nice. Think about engagement shoots, weddings, baby showers... They're a great way to showcase budding romance, your love for your family, a way to remember your pet, and a host of other reasons that make you feel soft and mushy inside.