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Teen Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her On Father's Day In Emotional Video

By Aimee Lutkin

Twitter user @theejasminee posted a video of her stepdad reading a letter she wrote to him on Father's Day. In it, she says all of the ways he's been there for her when her biological father wasn't, and thanks him for choosing her mom because her mom is "a hottie." 

The letter itself is adorable, and her stepdad obviously loves it, though he makes a series of classic dad jokes throughout. The whole thing is a lead up to a gift, and when she asks him if he can guess what it is, he quips, "Money?"


No, the surprise is adoption papers. She wants her stepdad to be her legal father. As soon as he sees the packet containing the documents, he loses it. Watching them embrace as he cries will make your face melt off, as you can see from the responses below: