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These 'Nice' Ways To Break Up With Someone Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you've ever been dumped then you know how terrible of a feeling it can be.  Your whole world just comes crashing down.  You have this ridiculous mix of self reflection, guilt, hatred, revenge and sadness all bottled into one.  Was it something you did.  Is it a personality flaw that you just can't make someone happy.  Are you a grotesque monster who is destined to be alone?  Until you come to your senses and know that its their loss and move on and be better for it.  (Right?!?)

But having to dump someone, which is usually not as heartbreaking, can provide its own set of emotional challenges. Is there any really nice way to tell someone, "Hey, I don't have an interest in pursuing a meaningful life with you anymore?" It's ROUGH.

Which is why people on Twitter tried their hardest to come up with the nicest ways to break up with people. Honestly, I think they could've tried a bit harder, because some of these are just, well, let's just say you'd probably get slapped in the face if you tried some of these.