These Comics About Relationships Will Make You Treat Your Partner Better

Sometimes the reason why our relationships stink is because we don't take the time or effort to make them better. These comics might help you think about your own relationship in a new light.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:27 p.m. ET

So much relationship humor is about the difficulties of making things work. While sticking with one person long term has its challenges, the comics of Catana Chetwynd are a refreshing change from the complaining. She loves her boyfriend and he loves her and she'll tell you all about it in this adorable series of comics she drew that's just oozing with cuteness.

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BuzzFeed News reports that as her comics about her relationship gets more popular, Chetwynd gets more and more fan mail from people who say looking at them reminds them of their own significant others, and the little things that keep a LTR going:

"My favorite responses are the messages from fans that say that we have helped their relationships," she said. "A lot of people say it helps remind them to be silly and flirty with their significant other when times get a little rocky."

All the small moments make up a life after all, and Chetwynd's life with her John seems pretty awesome, and those are just in the drawings. Imagine how much sweeter all of this would be in real life?

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What a couple of cuties. I'd be jealous if they weren't so obviously meant for each other! Now to find someone who will let me wear their sweatshirt 24/7, and while on the subject of sweatshirts, what is it about an SO's that makes it so comfortable to just snuggle up in? Is it the feeling of warmth? Security? The fact that the item of clothing belongs to them so you're reminder of them while you're wearing it? Maybe it carries their scent? Or maybe it's symbolic of you claiming ownership over them in a way and stealing their sweatshirt is some kind of perverse victory?

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