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Source: reddit

This Guy Created A Pros And Cons List For First Date Locations And It's Brilliant

By Mustafa Gatollari

When it comes to any relationship, not just romantic ones, first impressions are very, very important. I had this one friend growing up and the first time I met him he farted as I went in to shake his hand. You can only imagine the amount of incessant nagging he endured as a result of that unfortunate first encounter.

Despite the fact that he was a super swell and stand-up guy, that first fart was all he was known for in my group of friends. Now you can imagine the amplified concentration and significance we give to potential future significant others when we're meeting them for a first date.

So if you're going to take someone out, you should make that first experience a memorable one. And this post by @MattSureLee, which features a handy-dandy pros and cons list of first date location ideas humorously captures the importance we place on that first encounter.