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25 Moves Guaranteed To Make You Lose Interest In Your Crush

25 Moves Guaranteed To Make You Lose Interest In Your Crush
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7 months ago

Sometimes you go out with someone you have a crush on and then quickly realize there is nothing there. You might have wanted to go out because you have something in common, but then you realize that one thing is the only thing you have in common. And to be clear, this is just a hypothetical, and not a real thing that happened to me over the weekend.

You might be sitting at the bar discussing your common interest for let's say, I don't know, fourteen minutes. Then after that you realize that you have nothing else in common. That's the end of things. It's a real bummer. I'm assuming. Obviously, I don't know for sure.

That is just one of the countless ways a crush can end. At least, that's what I've been told. 

1. The rudest thing anyone has ever done.
4. To be fair, the other person he was texting was way hotter.
5. This is why alone time is the worst.
6. People will only like you if you don't like them.
10. Who thinks this marriage will last? Anyone?
11. No one cares about where you went to school.
16. This is how you socialize, right?
20. I could get any girl I want. Not you though.
22. He's still there terrorizing employees.
24. This is why you should never give that minute.
25. Sounds like you dodged a bullet there.
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