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Source: Twitter

People Are Sharing Their Internet Love Stories With A Disappointed Girl


Digital love is the new normal, so get with the program. Or download the app, whatever the kids are saying these days. It's not enough to pursue love on actually dating sites these days—people are taking their chances on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platform that allows them to send the coveted DM: Direct Message.

One of the benefits of a Tinder or Bumble is that they allow you to know that someone is actually looking, so you don't DM a person who has no interest in dating. But nothing can protect you from rejection and, even worse, nothing can protect you from finding out your crush is kind of a jackass. That's what happened to Twitter user @okaishawty, who claimed that she commented on a photo of a guy she liked and got a pretty raunchy DM from him in return. Reader, beware: