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13 Friendship Red Flags That Mean You Need a New Bestie


We all know about the dating red flags. People in 2018 are so crucially cringe, they'll ghost you on a date, leave you hanging with a bill, or reveal their true bigoted colors the very first time you talk. But that's when friends step in to make everything better, right? 

Theoretically. Unless you're also dealing with a bad friend who will rejoice in your failure and put themselves and their problems before yours every time. 

If you think you might be dealing with a manipulative friend or unhealthy platonic relationship, read on for these friendship red flags that should have you looking for a new BFF. Like, ASAP.

1. When they only talk about themselves and their problems.

Source: istock
I have a friend who I still love because I don't think she knows how bad she is. We often had long conversations talking about events in her life (her crushes, her worries, what made her mad) and I liked it since I don't like talking about myself for a long time and like to listen to people. I thought it was a mutual friendship and that she would listen to me too when I wanted to talk.
Nope. We once met for a drink when I was accepted at an art school and I wanted to talk about the assignments we had to do and she deflected the conversation to a relationship problem she had.
We were on vacation together and I wanted to talk about a philosophy in a show I liked since it meant much to me and that I wanted to get a tattoo from that show but she interrupted me to ask a question about the air conditioner, threw herself on the bed and looked at Instagram posts.
I've honestly never had a friend that was so disinterested in me but still expected me to listen to her talk. 

- Lieyanto