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Source: istock/distractify

Man Believes He Uncovered His Wife's Murder Plot After Overhearing Her Rehearsing His Eulogy

By Pippa Raga

People have been asking for advice on the internet pretty much ever since it was invented. And even before that, columns like "Ask Amy," "Ask Polly" and "Ask Anita" graced the pages of newspapers to everyone's delight.

It's somehow fascinating to hear about the romantic or familial plights of other people, partially because they help us feel better about our own lives, and also because they equip us with tips we might use if we're ever faced with a similar problem ourselves.

But then there are other stories that are so crucially out there, we have to follow along just to see how they end. Such is the tale of reddit user mentosallaround, who sought out advice from the platform when he walked in on his wife rehearsing a speech for his funeral. 

This story might make you think twice before taking your personal problems to the internet.