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Source: iStockPhoto

Bride Kicks out Wedding Guest With a Baby — But She's Actually NOT the Jerk


Weddings can be joyous occasions, but they're expensive, stressful, and have this high-stakes feeling that can turn even the chillest of brides and grooms into complete monsters given the right set of circumstances.

But is that the case for a woman who threw out a guest who brought her child? Not so fast. This isn't a cautionary tale about being a bridezilla but rather the importance of reading the invitation. 

The anonymous bride turned to a reddit community called r / AmItheA**hole asking users to weigh in on a very awkward moment from her recent wedding. 

Citing the offender as "the wife of a long-time family friend," the bride says she first noticed the child during the ceremony, but when it came time for the reception, she was faced with an awkward situation she had hoped to avoid when she made her "no kids" declaration on the invitation. The bride made the policy because she knew it would be a raucous, alcohol-fueled party that isn't really appropriate for children

"At the actual wedding ceremony, I let it slide. I was preoccupied for obvious reasons. I also thought that maybe they planned not to attend the reception or to have someone pick the kids up before it started. (My niece, who was our flower girl, and a few other kids who had to be at the wedding for one reason or another we’re getting picked up/dropped off after the ceremony ended).