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This Girl Posted A Heartbreaking Letter From Her Dad Who Disowned Her For Having An Interracial Relationship


All right so it's the year 2016. The civil rights movement happened. We have a Black president. But people are still pretty crappy when it comes to the whole racism thing. Cops shoot suspects in the back just because of the color of their skin. Presidential candidates automatically gain followers just because they start accusing racial and ethnic groups for causing problems that they really have nothing to do with, knowing that there will be a few Mexican and Arab hating followers lining up to validate their narrow-minded views.

With all of political agendas behind racism, it's easy to forget that it still affects people and their families on a much more personal level.

Like this teenage girl who's been disowned by her father for having a black boyfriend.

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Stephanie Hicks posted this heartbreaking letter to Twitter from her father that states he's disowning her because she's dating someone who's black.

It reads: