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A Guy Tried To Shame A Woman At The Gym And Got Roasted Instead

A Guy Tried To Shame A Woman At The Gym And Got Roasted Instead
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Updated 1 year ago

For as much as Internet trolls enjoy making fun of other people's bodies, they sure are discouraging and unhelpful when it comes to actually getting people to work out. Going to the gym is all kinds of intimidating. A lot of the machines are almost incomprehensible, with heavy weights flying around that look like they could compress your head. You're also surrounded by sweaty, groaning dudes, hulking out. 

Maybe that's less intimidating if you are a sweaty Hulk yourself, but it can be challenging for women to feel comfortable in the weight room. This poor lady was trying to get her body right, not knowing that some d-bag was secretly filming her on Snapchat and broadcasting it to the world. The clip got posted to Worldstar Hip Hop and viewers were not happy: 

What Muscle Group Is She Working On?

Posted by Worldstar Hip Hop on 4hb Mei 2016

 Okay, she does look like she's lifting that bar with her vagina muscles, but frankly that's one of the strongest parts of a woman. The move is also a real weight lifting stance called the Jefferson squat. She isn't exactly nailing it, but you can only get good at stuff by trying. 

There are plenty of jokes of an obscene nature in the comments, but a majority of them are people tearing this guy a new one. They even make fun of his biceps: 

 It's very tempting to look at other people at the gym rather than work on yourself, but it should be a safe place. That's where we get hot in private so we can eyeball each other in public. 

Not to mention the physical and mental stigmas that already exist for a lot of people, like this woman points out.

In the end this guy got the karma he deserves.

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