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The Internet Is Infuriated By The Question Miss Hawaii Had To Answer At The Miss USA Pageant



 The specter of Donald Trump was haunting the Miss USA pageant this year, though the presidential hopeful had nothing to do with the pageant for once. After NBC refused to air the show last year, following Trump's racist remarks about Hispanics, Trump sued the broadcasting company. He settled in September, and the show is now run by talent management company WME/IMG. 

 BUT THERE'S NO ESCAPE. Even without Trump heavy breathing in the wings, his name came up, and it was unfortunately the burden of runner up winner Miss Hawaii to deal with it. It's a shame, she looks like she was having so much fun before: 

 When it was time for the interview portion of the evening, Miss Hawaii was asked, "If the election were held tomorrow, would you vote Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump for president, and why would you choose one over the other?" Oh my god. 

 To her credit, Miss Hawaii managed a coherent response that didn't end with her announcing her political affiliation, saying, "It doesn't matter what gender, what we need in the United States is someone who represents those of us who don't feel like we have a voice, those of us who want our voices heard. We need a president to push for what is right, and push for what America really needs." 

That response kind of makes me think she actually is a Trump supporter? But most viewers were on her side no matter what, because that question was RUDE: 

 Miss Hawaii I applaud your confidence and bravery answering such a difficult and inappropriate question #MissUSA #MissHawaii
— Devon Paul (@devleeann) June 6, 2016 

 I agree.  For all we know she's feeling the Bern, and that wasn't even offered as an option. [h/t Cosmopolitan 

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