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Woman Accidentally Added To Chat Where Guys Said They Wanted To Take Turns On Her


One of the biggest gags of any comedic TV show or film is the three way phone call where someone doesn't know that the 3rd party is on the call. Then they inevitably talk sh*t about them and there's an awkwardness that produces laughs depending on the insane level of cringe associated with the comments the person made.

The modern day equivalent of that is being added to a group chat unbeknownst to others, and then catching someone talking smack about you.

Or in this woman's case, something much worse.

22-year-old Eleanor Henry was struck with horror when she was accidentally added to a group chat with fellow university students.


They shared Facebook photos of her and one student called her a "bike" while others started urging him to pursue her and even few a threw "tips" his way that would help him score with her.

The guys said that the messages were taken out of context, but, honestly, it's hard to find any situation where this would be appropriate.