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Breastfeeding Mom Being Called 'Incestuous' For Posting Videos On YouTube

Breastfeeding Mom Being Called 'Incestuous' For Posting Videos On YouTube
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Updated 1 year ago

Breastfeeding is a beautiful act. Seeing the serenity on a kid's face as he feeds from his mother is something that fascinates me every time. The comfort and nutrition children get from nursing is almost impossible to match.

But because breasts are sexualized by many adults, when women feed their kids in public people tend to get a little freaked out.

Some people are saying that this YouTuber crosses the line by posting videos of her nursing her children online.

Tasha Maile openly films her children's feeding sessions, which isn't sitting right with a sizable demographic of viewers.

Calling herself the "Spiritual Mama" Tasha is all about healthy eating habits and candid videos showing the beauty of breastfeeding.

She also gets pissed off whenever someone brings up cow's milk.

But people who are watching her videos think that she's being exploitative of her children and her body.

Her videos are undeniably attracting certain viewers too...

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