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Wendy's Went Savage On A Guy Who Said Their Burgers Are Frozen



We've seen people get into some pretty dumb fights on Twitter in the past, but this guy who got into an argument with the official Wendy's Twitter account puts all of them to shame.

It all started with this everyday tweet from Wendy's official Twitter account.

But one Twitter user, who has since deleted their account, wasn't buying it. 

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Wendy's politely replied, but it all pretty much went downhill from there.

That's exactly what happens.

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Wendy's proceeded to test his knowledge. 

He still wasn't getting it. 

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And then the burn came. 

The people of Twitter are pretty unanimous in thinking that whoever runs the Wendy's account needs a raise.

While this truck driver confirmed that they are in fact fresh.

Wendy's constantly manages to entertain with their Twitter account and even makes fun of themselves from time to time. For example, when a customer tweeted a photo from a Wendy's parking lot with a sign that said, "Do Not Etner," the account tweeted back, "Did you etner? Hope not. There’s a warning right there."

They also like to have a little fun with their competitors. When one follower tweeted, "Roast me or I'll start going to...Burger King!" the fast food restaurant tweeted back, "Then you'll just be roasting your tastebuds." And when another person asked, "@Wendys I was thinking of going to @McDonalds... what should I get?" the brand's account replied, "A McRefund #NationalRoastDay."

But our all time favorite burn came when someone wanted to know, "Why do have so much beef with McDonald's and Burger King," and the queen of comebacks replied, "They have to put something in those freezers."

Never change, Wendy's.

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