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Twitter Wants To #FreeMelania Because People Think She's Trapped In A Bad Relationship



With every new cultural phenomenon, there's always a new meme to come along with it. 

And there are fewer bigger cultural phenomenons than the shifting of the new world order.Under Obama's time as President of the United States, the world was gifted with the wonderful "Thanks Obama" meme.

But a new president brings a new set of memes. And although there's plenty on the internet about Donald Trump, the latest meme about the administrative change isn't directly about our current commander-in-chief.

It's about his wife, Melania Trump. And how apparently sad she looks in so many of her photos.

People are tagging photos with the #FreeMelania and #SadMelania hashtags.

They're usually about how unappreciated Melania feels and how she's stuck in a horrible marriage/situation now that Trump is president.

And how Trump takes her for granted and doesn't display the most gentlemanly behavior towards his wife. Like the time he didn't wait for his wife to come around the car before greeting the Obamas. 

They even pointed out that Barron treats her like dirt.

Footage that some people are saying is reversed, but it turns out that it's actually not.

And are making comparisons to Barack and Michelle's relationship.

Of course, photos/opinions can be used to influence people. There are pictures of Donald and Melania looking perfectly happy.

It's all in when you snap the photo though, I guess.

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