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Salt Bae Is So Good At Salting Meats Even Leonardo DiCaprio Got His Meat Salted By Him

By Mustafa Gatollari

When it comes to meat seasoning extraordinaires, it doesn't get much better than Salt Bae.

The dude became a viral sensation after people started noticing that there wasn't a single person in the world who probably cut or seasoned meat with more flair, panache, or enthusiasm as this man did.

Just in case you don't know homeboy is, please watch the following video clip straight from his Instagram page.

That's right folks, #SaltBae is in the #Dubai branch of #nusret tonight, and he continues to season like a boss...

A video posted by WhatsOnDubai (@whatsondubai) on

The man's become somewhat of a meme legend ever since his salty videos started appearing on the web and people lost their minds over him.