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Kid Makes Bet With Girl To Go To Prom If He Got A Ton Of Retweets And She Still Turned Him Down

Kid Makes Bet With Girl To Go To Prom If He Got A Ton Of Retweets And She Still Turned Him Down
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Updated 4 months ago

It's a tale as old as time. Boy likes Girl. Boy asks Girl to go to the prom with him. Girl rejects Boy. Boy says, "well what if I get a certain number of retweets?" Girl gives him a number. Boy gets that number of retweets. Girl still rejects boy.

You know, a typical high school tragic romance.

Something Andy Pugliano is still feeling the effects from after he chronicled his attempt at taking a girl he had "zero chance with" to the prom.
Andy texted Taya, who agreed to go to the prom with Andy if he was able to get 3,000 retweets.
This Taya.
This is Andy.
Currently, his tweet stands at over 3,600 retweets, so good for him, he's able to go to prom with Taya and they can part their separate ways. Right?

Wrong. Andy tweeted the sad news that Taya had changed her mind and wasn't serious about actually going to the prom with the hopeful dude.

People immediately started tweeting encouraging words to the lovestruck high-schooler.
People seemed to be of the opinion that a promise is a promise and Taya shouldn't have backed down.
So much so that even Taya's mother called her out for not taking him on the date.
This lead to some harsh criticisms of Taya in addition to the words of sympathy for Andy.
Some girls even offered to go with Andy in Taya's place.
The online drama kind of got out of hand for Taya, who ended up deleting her Twitter account.
The thread devolved into mean-spirited memes.
Along with a lively conversation on the philosophy of "game".
The general consensus though was that Andy shouldn't be chasing after someone who doesn't really want to go to prom with him.

No matter how bitter of a pill it is to swallow, it's the truth.

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